1405, 2020

Making novel therapeutics safer: Interdisciplinary EU consortium develops innovative model systems for the evaluation of immunomodulating therapeutics

Mai 14th, 2020|

T-CURX GmbH participates in EU project to develop innovative model systems for the evaluation of immunomodulatory therapeuticsThe development of immunomodulatory agents and therapies has received fresh impetus following the latest successes in immuno-oncology. And cancer medicine is not the only area where cell and gene therapies are increasingly taking hold [...]

703, 2018

Designer T cells to treat cancer: European research consortium takes the lead in CAR T cell immunotherapy against multiple myeloma

März 7th, 2018|

A new project, funded by the European Union, will push a revolutionary approach for blood cancer treatment to clinical practice. This international project is coordinated by the University Hospital Wuerzburg’s Department of Medicine II, a key opinion leader in cancer immunotherapy. T-CURX GmbH as a high-tech life-science spin off of [...]

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