Humanized CAR binding domains to minimize immunogenicity Ultra-modular CAR design to enhance efficacy and function Multi-step safety switch to enhance safety and physician control Ultra-fast manufacture: the first ‘24-hour CAR-T product’

What we do

T-CURX develops new generation UltraModularCARTM T cells for personalized cancer immunotherapy, built on cutting-edge technologies that overcome challenges in safety & efficacy, manufacture & scalability of conventional CAR-T.

T-CURX’ UltraModularCARTM T cells are a transformative, one-shot, chemotherapy-free cancer treatment. Patient T cells are reprogrammed using revolutionary gene transfer technology to destroy tumor cells. UltraModularCARTM T cells are ‘living drugs’ that persist life-long and provide protection from relapse.

T-CURX’ target pipeline addresses several unique cancer indications. The lead product is targeting breast and lung cancer (oncology), chronic leukemia and mantle cell lymphoma (hematology). T-CURX has a solid IP portfolio on its platform technologies, established manufacturing capability and positive reviews from regulators, enabling rapid progress towards initiation of clinical POC studies.

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